The little fruit pack & Monsieur Truffe - Handmade Chocolates

The little fruit pack & Monsieur Truffe - Handmade Chocolates

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During this difficult time of the coronavirus we have introduced : The Little Fruit pack &  Monsieur Truffe - Handmade Chocolates to help these in need, this box includes a Bar of chocolate and mixed seasonal selection of the freshest local and imported Fruit, deliver all over Melbourne to your home or office for a contact less delivery.

Fruit according to availability may not be the same as the pic.
Please store the Fruit in your refrigerator and consume all fresh produce within several days.
This Gift Box includes:

- Monsieur Truffe hocolate
- 6 - 8 different types of seasonal fruits
- Small size 1-2 of each fruit
- Medium size 2-3 of each fruit
- Large size 3-4 of each fruit

Depending on the availability and the size of the fruit number of each fruit may vary but more of less the same as above.

Arranged together with by our florist with care.

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