General Order Information

The little market bunch you see on the homepage is the bunch of the day. A new bunch is advertised daily and this is the variation that will be delivered if you order on the same day. You can choose your own Gift box, Wine, Beer, candle, marshmallow or T2 flavours. If you pre-order for another day, it will be a different bunch but we promise it will be just as beautiful.

When and where do you deliver?

We deliver on Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. We do not deliver on Sunday, apart from Mother's Day. But If you have a special event which you would like to enquire about on a weekend, please email us at

Please refer to the locations page for details on where we deliver. Prices include delivery unless a special request is asked by the sender which may be subject to additional fees.

We deliver to businesses, hospitals, schools etc. as well as residential addresses. 

Business addresses will receive their orders by 5pm, and residential addresses by 6pm. 

What if no one is home to receive the gift?

If the recipient is not home or unavailable we will endeavour to find a safe spot to leave the bunch until they return. If this is a likely scenario, please leave instructions on the order page to ensure we can deliver the little market bunch or candle to the recipient directly, or an alternative option. 

Until what time can you place an order on the day?

Online orders will be available until 1pm - unless our daily stock sells out sooner. When this occurs it will be communicated on the homepage and orders on that day will not be available to process.

Can I make an order for another day rather than the day with the advertised bunch?

Yes of course. However, this would be a pre-order - the bunch will not be known when the order is being placed as they are only released daily. Simply choose your delivery date when you order and this will be processed for the day selected in the order.

Will my flowers look the same as in the picture?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a little market bunch which is as similar to the advertised bunch as possible. However, all flowers are different so we cannot guarantee this but we promise the bunch will be as gorgeous as we can make it. At times the buds may be slightly more closed than in the image, but this is simply providing you with a bunch which will last longer. All bunches will come with the same rustic hessian wrap or little jar.

Will my flowers last the day without being in a water?

We deliver your little market bunch with a little bit of water in the bottom unless a little bunch jar has been ordered. They will obviously thrive better once in a vase with fresh water, however they will be fine for a few hours in our packaging. 

Can I keep the hessian wrap on the flowers?

If you would like to, then do so by all means. Just remove the plastic from the stems and pop the flowers back into the hessian and into a vase. However, the flowers will thrive better without the hessian as it may dilute the fresh water, so after a day or so we recommend removing it. 

Refunds & returns

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, it is not delivered as specified on the delivery form, or if any unexpected issues arise which are the fault of the little market bunch, we will refund your purchase in full if we are unable to come to an agreed solution for re-delivering your purchased products.

If incorrect information is submitted on an order form, the little market bunch will not be held responsible if the order is not fulfilled but will work with the sender to achieve the best possible outcome.

After any order has been placed if for any reason the customer wish to cancel the order, the customer may not get the full refund, because in most case we only made to order. If the order has been shipped there will be no refund.

We aim to deliver a superior customer service experience and if this has not been fulfilled, please let us know and provide us with feedback.



For all enquiries please email

the little market bunch is a business registered in Melbourne, VIC, Australia ABN 51409401416