Little Market Bunches

- Your little market bunch will come with a tiny bit of water in the bottom so they will be ok for a little while if you’re not going home for a few hours. 

- Make sure you find a clean vase, preferably glass, with fresh water and add your flower food to the vase.

After a day or so, we recommend you cut the stems slightly on an angle as this will give the bunch the best chance to drink water from the vase. 

- Change the bunch water every 2 days, room temperature or even lukewarm water is best and make sure there is no floral debris as this may cause bacteria. Soda water or sugar water also can help prolong the lives of the flowers.

- Pop the bunch in a cool spot and away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, ceiling fans or on top of TV’s. 


Laneway Candles

- Our soy wax is Australian sourced and has a rich, milky colour. Soy wax burns cleanly and scatters our fragrances out and into your home. for the best effect burn the wax to a pool of 1/4in deep.
- Our wicks are braided cotton for a clean, non-toxic, edge to edge burn. For the best burn trim the wick occasionally to 1/4 in. remember to light with care.
- Our fragrances are made from high quality essential and fragrance oils. we find inspiration for our fragrances from our daily lives, and we love the aromas they bring to our home. 
- We use Aussie Mason jars because we love the quilted glass and the look of the wax on the other side. once you've burned your Laneway Candle down to the end of the wick, clean out the jar and re-use for storing nick-nacks, lollies, or you can even use them to drink out of.. enjoy!