Oil Garden x The little market bunch Hat Box
Oil Garden x The little market bunch Hat Box
Oil Garden x The little market bunch Hat Box

Oil Garden x The little market bunch Hat Box

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Oil Garden x Lemon Tea Tree Hat Box is a limited design with Oil Garden Lemon Tea Tree oil to express nature, fresh and beauty which wants to delight and surprise your life.

This arrangement includes:

- Daily fresh flowers and foliage

- Oil Garden Lemon Tea Tree Oil 25ml

- Hatbox

Arrange together with by our florist with care.

All flowers are not fixed, the picture supplements for reference).

Oil Garden:

Sourced from our backyard and bottled to you, Oil Garden is changing the game in pure essential Oils. Born and bred in Australia’s favorite beach town Byron Bay, Oil Garden strives to deliver the healing properties of nature through the power of pure Essential Oils.

Oil Garden’s Lemon Tea Tree Oil has all the benefits of Tea Tree but with the addition of lemon, it creates a strong citrus scent sure to delight. The natural anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antiseptic properties within Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil can even assist in relieving symptoms of a headache, treat acne or regenerate tired aging skin. Whichever way you choose to incorporate them into your lifestyle they will enhance the overall quality of your life and above all improve the state of your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Oil Garden strives to show all Aussies how their natural and organic products can change their lives. With over 30 years of experience, Oil Garden offers a complete portfolio of products powered by Pure Essential Oils. Mother Nature has the solution, we bottle it.

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WEBSITE-                    www.oilgarden.com.au


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