Order FAQ

May I know what is the design of the bouquet is for today?

We pick the freshest flowers each morning to create and deliver a fresh and beautiful daily bouquet.

The first picture of the flower you see on the homepage and our Instagram is the bunch of the day.

The other pictures you see online are examples only and indicate the size of the bouquet but the flower types and color palette change daily.

May I choose my own bouquet design?   

Of course. We are offering customized bouquets. If you are looking for some specific flower arrangement, please email us info@thelittlemarketbunch.com.au If you are just looking for some specific color or prefer some normal flowers, please put in the instruction part. Our florist will try their best to arrange for you.        

May I choose a different flavor of a product in the gift box?

Yes. For all the products you can choose your preferred flavor, just put it in the instruction section of our order, our florist will arrange it for you unless this flavor is out of stock.

Responsible serving of alcohol :

For all alcohol purchases on our site, it must be an add-on with our flower, stand-alone alcohol purchased is not allowed, flower purchased amount must be higher than the alcohol amount, both the purchaser and recipient of the flowers or gift must be 18 years or over. The volume of liquor supplied to a person must not exceed 1.5 litres per day. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

What are your opening hours?

Office opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00am - 6pm, Sunday 9am - 3pm

What’s the cut-off time for same-day delivery?

Same day delivery for Business addresses cut off at 2 PM unless our daily stock sells out sooner.

Same day delivery for Residential addresses cut off at 6 PM Monday-Saturday, 3 pm Sunday unless our daily stock sells out sooner. 

Post-delivery will cut off at 3 pm Mon - Fri, no weekend post, or the product in your order is unsuitable for POST.

If you placed a post order on the weekend it will be shipped on the next business day When this occurs the delivery date selection on the product page will be canceled.       

Same day delivery area and fee?

We deliver to all Melbourne suburbs including Geelong, Frankston, Mornington                                                                                                

Most of the suburbs within 10km of Melbourne CBD are free delivery. For the rest of Melbourne suburbs please enter the delivery address on the checkout page and the delivery fee will be calculated accordingly.

May I check the delivery fee before ordering? 

0 - 10 km From Mel CBD $0 Free Same Day Delivery

10 - 20 km From Mel CBD $10 Same Day Delivery

20 - 30 km From Mel CBD $15 Same Day Delivery

30 - 40 km From Mel CBD $20 Same Day Delivery

40 - 50 km From Mel CBD $25 Same Day Delivery

50 - 55 km From Mel CBD $35 Same Day Delivery

GEELONG $35 Same Day Delivery

FRANKSTON $35 Same Day Delivery

We do not use google map to calculate the distance which is not acquired, we use straight distant KM from Melbourne CBD by :


For daily delivery, may I choose my delivery time?

Yes. We are offering different delivery time options, you can have a look at the selection on the product page and choose before adding to cart. We will follow the normal delivery time to arrange your delivery.

We are thankful for all your orders, but high volume orders also leave us unable to take specific time requests or guarantee an exact delivery time for normal daily delivery. So If you put specific time requests in your order, we will try our best to arrange, but can not guarantee it.

May I get a priority (specific time) delivery?

Yes. Priority delivery can guarantee delivery time but we will charge more delivery fees. For this service, you MUST email us info@thelittlemarketbunch.com.au or contact us via live chat 24 hours before the shipping time. NO CHANGING SPECIFIC DELIVERY TIME ON DELIVERY DAY OR THE DRIVER HAS ALREADY LEFT FOR DELIVERY. 

May I know the status of my order?

Yes. All orders have live tracking and will be sent to your email or mobile number provided in your order. 

If in any case the wrong email, number, overseas number etc., The Little Market Bunch will not be held responsible for failing to receive the tracking. If you have any questions about your order status, do not hesitate to email us info@thelittlemarketbunch.com.au or live chat with us.

What will happen if no one here receives the delivery?

Our drivers will endeavor to find a safe spot to leave your order. 

If there is a private place that our driver can not get in or there is no safe place to leave, our driver will try to contact the number provided in the order, and wait for 5 minutes then the driver will leave the site. 

What can I do for a return ( or undelivered ) order?

If the failed delivery is at the fault of The Little Market Bunch, we will re-deliver your order again with an apology gift.

If the failed delivery is according to the following reasons, The Little Market Bunch will not hold responsible. 

  1. Incorrect information provided in an order form: Date, Delivery time, name, address, number etc
  2. No one here to receive the order and also no safe place to leave, or any other reason the place does not receive flowers.

The sender needs to check with the recipient first before placing the order.

After the delivery is unsuccessful, the order will be returned to our warehouse and most of the fresh flower orders will be discarded after 24hours.  We are happy to offer a re-delivery as per your request, but this will cause an extra fee. This will consist of two fees.

The shipping fee will depend on the suburb (Starting from $10), 

The fresh flowers remake fee will be 40% of the original purchase price

The re-delivery will be arranged after the two fees are paid. Re-delivery requests need to be claimed within 24 hours of the original shipped time.