Celebrating Mother's Day: The Best Flower to Gift and Why?

Celebrating Mother's Day: The Best Flower to Gift and Why?

Mother's Day is a special occasion, celebrated worldwide to honour the love, sacrifice, and care that mothers bestow upon their children. It's a day to express gratitude, appreciation, and love towards our mothers, making them feel cherished and valued. While there are countless ways to show our love, gifting flowers has always been a timeless and universal gesture of affection. But, with so many options available, what is the best flower to give on Mother's Day, and why?

The Timeless Carnation: A Symbol of Motherly Love

The carnation is often considered as the most ideal Mother's Day flower, and for good reason. This choice dates back to the early 1900s and they symbolise purity, faith, love, beauty, and charity—all attributes commonly associated with motherhood.

Carnations come in a variety of colours, each with its own meaning. Pink carnations, in particular, are associated with a mother's undying love, making them an ideal choice for Mother's Day. White carnations symbolise pure love and good luck, while red carnations signify admiration. The longevity of the carnation flower, able to last long after being cut, also symbolises the enduring nature of a mother's love, which never fades.

Beyond Carnations: Other Popular Choices

While carnations hold traditional significance, it's also important to consider other flowers that can convey your unique message of appreciation:

Roses: Pink roses express gratitude and love, making them a perfect alternative to carnations.

Lilies: Symbolising purity and beauty, lilies are a sophisticated choice for mothers who appreciate elegance.

Orchids: Representing strength, luxury, and beauty, orchids are ideal for the modern, chic mom.

Tulips: Conveying comfort and warmth, tulips are great for expressing your genuine care and happiness.

The Importance of Personal Touch

Ultimately, the best flower to gift is one that reflects your mother's personal taste and the unique bond you share. Whether it's her favourite flower, a specific colour she adores, or a type that holds special meaning to both of you, personalising your floral gift makes it all the more meaningful.

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