Variants Of Roses

Roses also are known as the queen of flowers are very popular among Romans and Greeks.Roses are always in discussion among people during offseason. Roses have a wonderful fragrance which is enough for making someone's day special. There are different categories of roses which have their own benefits and help the mankind to live a better life. Even the medicines of some life-threatening diseases are made with the help of roses. More than 100 variants of roses exist in-universe and each variant effects our lives in some of the other ways. Roses are also a rich in vitamin C and is used in dishes like soup, used as a tea, jam, marmalade, jelly, etc. Roses are also used to remove depression. There is an oil made from roses which act as an antibacterial ingredient and fight against various bacteria and infection that affects our body functioning.Some of the rose species are very helpful in fighting against skin diseases. Some of the rose species are used to make rose tea also known as bud tea. Roses are also used in Ayurvedic treatment Called Gulkand. As discussed earlier different rose species exist with different benefits, some of them are listed below.

Red Rose

Red rose symbolizes LOVE and ROMANCE and is used by the lovebirds to express their feeling and gesture towards one another.

Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is a symbol of LOVE, JOY and GOOD HEALTH. Generally, yellow is used by the teenagers and youngsters. Even yellow rose is used to express good health to your friends and relatives.

Orange Rose

Orange rose is used by the passionate people to express their passion in a particular field.These type of roses can be proved a key to boosting and encouraging the morale of teenagers.

Hybrid Tea Roses

These types of roses are more popular in today's era and come in wide range of colors. These roses are very popular because of their long upright stems.

Old Garden Rose

Old Garden Rose have incredible beauty with nice fragrance better than Hybrid Garden Rose. These roses are mostly found in winter season.

White Rose

White Rose is basically used for purity and innocence. White roses are used to describe new, for example, new babies.

Pink Rose

There are many variations of pink roses that exist in-universe, Some are used to represent joy, some for gratitude and some for admiring someone.