Maintenance of bunch flower

Flowers along with their incredible benefits gives a lot to the environment where they exist, whether it is maintaining the ecological balance or spreading a beautiful fragrance. Flowers are one of the keystones in our lives. Flowers increases the level of enthusiastic energy and happiness in the people to a large extent. Presence of flowers makes someone's day special.Flowers are the source of various useful products and medicines to people. Even the aroma os some flowers are used in making perfumes that are very popular among people.Flowers  or indoor house plants are counted in one of the beautiful creation of nature and are very popular for their herbal property since ancient times. So it's the duty of us to take proper care of flowers and preserve their existence for future generation. There are many ways by which flowers can be maintained in a good way and lot more can be showered with flowers on us. Some of them are listed below :-

Amount of Sun heat

Each flower requires a different amount of heat of the sun for their growth. Excess of the sun's heat can be harmful to their survival and this may lead to etiolation. Flowers suffering from etiolation can never fully recovered from extended growth but can be healthy and productive if moved to the area with adequate sunlight. Plants with extra sunlight can become unhealthy and die soon. The process of photosynthesis can also be disturbed.

Proper watering

Watering the flowers seems to be simple practice, but there is more that can be achieved. Proper watering can benefit the flower and keep them away from various diseases. This encourages flower to grow deeper and develop a strong root structure.Flowers require 1 inch of water per week depending on the climatic condition. Flowers should be watered in the early morning or an afternoon when the flow of wind gets lower.

Soil preparation

Selecting a good quality soil is one of the important factors in their maintenance. Before growing the flowers, the test of soil should be done and then if the level of ph is low then it should be corrected. Because soil is the main ingredient in flower growth and the place where roots can grow more deeper and stronger, soil should not be considered without the advice of experts.

Proper distribution of fertilizers and pesticides

The nominal use of pesticides and fertilizers should be used. Over distribution can lead to the biggest cause of getting affected by harmful diseases to flowers. Fertilizers and pesticides should be used in such a way that the nutritional values of flowers are not lost. Presence of bees is very important in flowers, so the use of dainty flowers should be done to attract bees.

Cut flowers

If once the flowers are cut, the process of dying is initiated. To avoid this situation, they should be immediately moved to the area with the presence of water so they the nutritious values of flowers don't get lost and they can retain their original shape again.