Importance of indoor or outdoor plants February 22 2018

Plants are the gift of nature to humanity. Plants not only help in maintaining the ecological balance but also keeps the environment green. There are different species of plants in existence which are known for their unique characteristics. People think that plants are only used in photosynthesis, its true but apart from this plants also play a significant role in various important activities that take place in our day to day life. Plants create a positive atmosphere with their presence. Plants are also used in the field of medical science for curing different harmful diseases. The medicines prepared with the help of plants in presence of experts are called Ayurvedic Medicines. Plants are the food for all the living organisms but all living organism have a different way of eating plants as food. If we talk about human beings, they eat plants in the form of green vegetables which are full of nutritious values. On the other hand, animals directly consume plants as a food.

Plants are the main source of producing oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is very important for cellular respiration in all living organisms. Plants help in maintaining the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer protects the earth from the Ultraviolent (UV) rays of the sun.

Plants also help in removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which further greenhouse effect. Plants also provide many useful products like firewood, timber, fibers, pesticides, oil, rubber etc and the list goes on. These products are used by human beings on daily basis. Even some plants produce cotton which is further used in manufacturing many trendy clothes. When the plants grow day by day, the lower part of the plants gets destroyed and are converted into tiny particles which are further used in making soil and makes the roots of plants more stronger. This process also prevents the situation of soil erosion. There are different kinds of plants, some are seasonal, indoor Plants or outdoor Plants. Some of these plants are listed above:-


Snowdrop flowers have 75 variants and are only grown in winters. These plants are white in color.This is because only two types of species are grown. The first is Galanthus nivalis, usually known as the Garden Snowdrop. Snowdrop plant appears like three drops of milk hanging from a stem. This resembles Latin name Galanthus which defines milk-white flowers.

Camellias (Camellia Japonica)

With bright evergreen leaves and meretricious flowers, camellias act as a main source of extraction in the garden. These plants are 10 feet in height and can grow the maximum height of 25 feet.These plants also provide acidic soil in good proportion for the long life of plants.

Spider Plant

Spider plants also known as airplane plants are found in Southern Africa. Zspider plant provides many health benefits as it removes various harmful chemicals from the air. Apart from this spider plant also provide many nutritious values and benefits to balance diet


Bromeliads are counted among one of the best indoor plants founded in America. This plant the very big family of pineapples. One special thing which separates them from other plant is that these plants don't need any root stay alive.

Chinese Indigo

This type of plant is found in summers increasing the show of garden. Chinese Indigo is very useful in neutralized planting having moderate growth rate. These plants are commonly found in purplish pink color.These plants can grow up to 6 feet long and 8 feet wide.

Mountain Laurel
This type of shrub plant are white, maroon in color and are commonly found in early summer or mid-summer. These plants require partial light of the sun. The height of these plants varies from 4-6 feet. These plants have deep green leaves.